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Where can I use these?
  • These presets are designed to be used with both Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Camera Raw. It shouldn't matter what operating system you are on. 
How Do I Download Them? 
  • Once purchased, you’ll receive an email with a download button. Click this button and they should automatically start downloading to your computer. You can find them in your downloads folder.  
Can I exchange them or get a refund?
  • Unfortunately, these are digital products and are impossible to track after being purchased. Please take extra care on the before and after sliders before you purchase!
How do I install them?
  • I have included an instructional PDF in every download (including the FREE A Love Letter Life Presets)
  • For convenience, here is a quick walkthrough! Open LightroomCC > Develop Module > Presets tab on the left > + > Add Preset. 
  • If you do not see them in your "user presets" folder, quit and restart Lightroom and they should be there!


• These are Adobe LightroomCC Presets

• Presets do not fix un-fixable images 

• Every photo is unique and will require personal adjustments (see my free tutorial)

• This is a digital product and will be delivered via email for download

• No refunds, exchanges, or returns.